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Stone studios social media management misfits digital 2

Stone Studios

Stone Studios Stone Studios creates furniture pieces and accessories in small batches and bespoke designs from the finest marble, stone, and onyx. Creating a distinct mood, an aesthetic, and a story. Hoping that the pieces will be the backdrop to [...]
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salon beyrouth whiskey glass shot social media

Salon Beyrouth

Salon Beyrouth A haven amidst Beirut’s bustling energy, Salon Beyrouth exudes with good vibes, a unique atmosphere and attention to details. It’s one of those places where you can casually meet, have a drink or enjoy a great meal. Our [...]
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Envi Lodges social media cover

ENVI Lodges

ENVI Lodges With sustainability at the core, ENVI Lodges recreates the luxury of five-star amenities in unchartered territories, with immersive experiences embedded throughout. As a forward thinking approach we made sure ENVI Lodges’ unique proposition clearly showed on their social [...]
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Biomass label branding and packaging

Biomass | Packaging

Biomass | Packaging Driven by a simple passion for real food, Biomass has been farming organically since 2007. With a growing range of certified organic products, we took on the uplifting the packages of older products, as well as the [...]
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Taqa bars branding and design packaging


TAQA Because energy means life, TAQA’s mission is to make you feel good by creating delicious and nutritious snacks that are good for your body and the planet. Positive values that were expressed in the creation of their lively branding [...]
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Restaurant social media management

Meat the Fish

Meat the Fish Our collaboration with Meat the Fish goes way back. We've helped this unique brand set up their concept many years ago, and since, supported them with their digital presence by creating content and managing the community for [...]
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