What You Should Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

What You Should Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Collaborating with a digital marketing agency can be a wise investment for businesses of all types and sizes. These experts help you reach and engage your target audience and increase brand awareness. They will also help you save time and resources for other essential company operations while increasing your revenue.

However, you can only enjoy these benefits when you partner with the right company. For this reason, you should ask the right questions during the initial interview. This essential step can also help you avoid a bad match.

If you want to create a successful and committed relationship, here are ten questions to ask your digital marketing agency before hiring them.

Question 1: How Will You Understand Our Needs?

Begin by asking the digital marketing agency about their Discovery phase to understand how they’ll get to know your business and align their recommendations with your needs. Ensure the agency conducts extensive research to fully understand your business structure, pain points, teams, challenges, and goals. Otherwise, it could be a red flag.

Question 2: How Do You Do Things Differently?

When looking for a digital marketing agency, you must find one with expertise in your industry and who can offer valuable guidance. However, you also want a company constantly seeking innovative ways to outperform competitors and stay updated with emerging trends. They should also be willing to take risks and challenge the norm to impact the market.

Question 3: How Do You Measure Success?

Before hiring an agency, you must ask about their reporting and analytics methods. This question is crucial because data is genuine, and reporting must be comprehensive, precise, and relevant to your business. A good report and data from the agency will help justify the expenses and guarantee desired outcomes in the digital realm.

Question 4: How Long Until We See Results?

When hiring a digital marketing agency, set realistic expectations about results and timing. Ask them to break down the factors that could affect progress and provide a reasonable timeline. A good candidate must be transparent about the factors that can affect the outcome and timeline and provide a realistic timeline based on these factors.

Question 5: When Did You Fail?

When hiring a digital marketing agency, ask for examples of an unsuccessful project to see how they have learned from their mistakes and how agile they are.

Question 6: How Do You Bill for Your Services?

When working with a digital marketing agency, don’t hesitate to ask about their fees and billing process during the initial interview. Clarify whether they charge based on performance or a flat fee. You should also check how transparent they are about their billing process.

Question 7: What’s the Overall Cost of Hiring You?

Once you inquire about how they handle their billing, ask a precise question regarding the estimated or total expenses. Inquire if there are any possible changes or unforeseen circumstances that could impact the cost throughout the process.

Question 8: How Will You Measure Success?

When hiring a digital marketing agency, ask about their reporting and analytics methods and how they communicate progress and results. Accurate and thorough reporting helps justify spending and ensures desired results.

Question 9: What Will You Need Us to Do?

Hiring an agency means collaborating with someone to achieve company growth. Ensure you understand the level of involvement and resources you must provide for the agency to work effectively.

Question 10: Can I See Some of Your Previous Works?

You can better understand the prospective agency’s work style and the results they’ve achieved for similar clients by requesting to see their previous work or relevant case studies.


A digital marketing agency can help you be more efficient and scale your business, but you can only enjoy these benefits if you work with the right people. You can find the best company for your needs by scheduling interviews and asking the right questions.

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