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Stone studios social media management misfits digital 2

Stone Studios

Stone Studios Stone Studios creates furniture pieces and accessories in small batches and bespoke designs from the finest marble, stone, and onyx. Creating a distinct mood, an aesthetic, and a story. Hoping that the pieces will be the backdrop to [...]
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design impact report for skoun

Skoun Impact Report

Skoun Skoun’s Impact Report shows exactly the amount of effort they put to shed light on Harm Reduction for substance use and to provide accessible treatment, education and protection for all people who use drugs in Lebanon. We’ve been proudly [...]
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Branding the sweatshop 12

The Sweatshop

The Sweatshop The Sweatshop is a meticulously curated multi-brand active & athleisure wear concept founded in Beirut, and nestled in The Core, a versatile space for the active and health-conscious community. We’ve created their branding and collaborated on launching their [...]
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TransAnd Arabic logo


TransAnd Today’s world is disrupted by astronomical amounts of information.TransAnd was born as two women entrepreneurs, with 16 years of experiences in language services, sought to guide their clients into crafting their image within a culturally diverse and tech-challenged world. [...]
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Insan logo branding


Insãn Insãn is an interesting alternative & holistic health space based in Canada. They provide various body-centred wellness services to curious individuals experiencing psychological difficulties so that they can naturally improve their emotional balance and physical wellbeing. A vibrant branding [...]
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Hammam radio logo misfits digital

Hammam Radio

Hammam Radio Women's voices matter. They are important, if not crucial in these times of crisis of capitalism and patriarchy. Hammam Radio  is a place where women in all their diversity meet, talk, participate, think, shout, cry, laugh, become, love, [...]
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Alicia restaurant branding


Aliçia Aliçia’s passion for Lebanon is kneaded in the dough she bakes every day. Fusing tradition with innovation, she honours her mother’s recipe, seasoning it with her own culinary extravagance, inspired by the many civilizations and cultures that left their [...]
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Biolicious branding package


Biolicious  Biolicious Delicious changed how snacks are made and perceived. They took chips, nuts & crackers to a whole different and uplifting dimension by creating a whole range of products made with certified organic ingredients that blend into delightful, healthy, [...]
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Biomass label branding and packaging

Biomass | Packaging

Biomass | Packaging Driven by a simple passion for real food, Biomass has been farming organically since 2007. With a growing range of certified organic products, we took on the uplifting the packages of older products, as well as the [...]
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ADF website ux/ui branding


ADF ADF Advisory is a structure that supports executive and management committees in carrying out their operational transformation roadmap, by optimizing the allocation of their resources. Their branding and website conveys their strong corporate experience yet a modern take on [...]
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